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Exit Generation #1 – Review Round-Up!

Hey folks!

It just under a week since Exit Generation #1 hit comic stores, & in that time we’ve been lucky enough to have some really lovely people give the book some really lovely mentions!

Before I list the sites, blogs, podcasts & others who were kind enough to review or talk about the comic, I wanted to thank not just everyone who did that, but also anyone who went out & picked up a copy at their local shop, or grabbed it online – you are literally the best!

  • Jeff Marsick on Newsarama gave Exit Generation #1 a whopping 8/10, saying it is “a fun book and a great read by a terrific writer and artist combination” – Thanks so much!  Read it all HERE.
  • Stephen on Comicbuzz said it was “a good issue with a lot of further potential for the ongoing series” – You can read the full review HERE.
  • James Blundell for Pipedream Comics awarded the issue 4 out of 5,  mentioning“the premise behind the book as well as the beautiful artwork is incentive enough for any reader to give this comic a chance” – I really appreciate that!  See the rest of what James said HERE.
  • Aaron Golden of Living Myth Magazine hailed Exit Generation as having “one of the best concepts for a comic, ever” – Wow!  Stunned by the compliment!  See this among the rest of Aaron’s weekly recommendations HERE.
  • Iñigo Sáenz on Comic Book Invest marked this issue as “absolutely recommended”, & you can find those kind words alongside the rest of CBI’s choices HERE.
  • Brett Schenker of Graphic Policy said Exit Generation sets-up “a fascinating concept that could turn into a hell of an exploration and idea” & gives it a solid 7/10; see the rest Brett’s review HERE.
  • On Spartantown, Enrique Rea says the series “is off to a great start with intriguing characters, an explosive cliffhanger, and fantastic storytelling potential” – thanks!  See the full article HERE.
  • Alex J for The Beat named Exit Generation #1 as one of four underdog books to back last week; really grateful for the mention!  Check it out alongside the other three HERE.
  • I sat down for a nice email chat with Inter Comics Podcast, which you can read HERE.
  • Need To Consume recapped their coverage of the self-published version of Exit Generation to coincide with the direct market release HERE.
  • Danny Rivera for Comicsverse described the first issue as “a masterful début and a title to which we should all be paying very, very close attention” – Humbling!  See the full article HERE.
  • For Mightyville, Joe Katch said Exit Generation “a fresh concept with an interesting Sci-Fi take” & gave #1 both a full review (HERE) & mentioned it in their ‘Number One Bullets’ review column (HERE).
  • Ain’t It Cool News called the issue “one of the best new comics of the year” – Completely blown away by that!  See the entire review HERE.
  • Ceej for Big Comic Page says Exit Generation is “a raucous, frenetic dose of sci-fi insanity with some genuine emotion at its core” & gave it 4/5; you can see his thoughts HERE.
  • On Nerdly, Dean Fuller called it “a comic with a good premise, a well developed back story, and a group of characters that will develop as the plot progresses” – Thanks!  See the rest of the review HERE.
  • Paul Mirek of Broken Frontier observed “a kinetic energy to this first issue that should be familiar to anyone who’s ever turned their headphones up loud to escape from reality, mundane or otherwise”, & reviewed the issue HERE, while recommending it as a pick-of-the-week HERE.
  • Pop Culture Uncovered‘s John Amenta awarded the issue “5 Expendables DVDs of 5” & said Exit Generation #1 “is the best kind of first issue a reader could hope for” – Awesome!  See the full article HERE.
  • Brad Gischia over on Bag & Bored said this series is “one that you should be keeping your eye on” – See the rest of the review HERE.
  • Josh On Comics called Exit Generation #1 “a charming little read, from start to finish, with superb, expressive artwork to boot” – Thanks, Josh!  You can read the full review HERE.
  • You can see Nerdover talk about Exit Generation on their show this week HERE.
  • The team at House To Astonish gave a really positive review of the book on their show this week; give it a listen HERE.
  • On Meltdown Comics‘ Meltcast, Exit Generation #1 was a pick of the week; thanks so much, guys!  Hear their thoughts HERE.
  • The folks on the Awesome Comics Podcast also enjoyed the book; give a listen to this weeks show HERE.

Wow!  That’s a LOT of mentions!  Both the team & myself are really grateful for all the attention people have given the book, & I hope that if you’ve not yet picked it up, some of the nice things said about it from the people above might persuade you!

So, pop on down to your local comic store, or dive into Comixology (HERE, if you’re looking) & take a peek!

Till next time; take care!



FIND – UK Release; Reviews round-up; US/Can retailers!

Hey there folks!

UK Shop Release 

First up; it seems that the crazy-pants weather in the US has stalled shipping for Find to Europe, & possibly rest of the world.  Which sucks.

As soon as I know more details, I’ll throw them up here, on Facebook & on Twitter so you can know when to run out & get it!

THIS WEDNESDAY, my European comic folks; promise!

Sorry for the delay, my European comic people.

But even though Find might not be out quite yet, Comixtribe are releasing the collected edition of And Then Emily Was Gone, which you MUST check out!  All those involved (John Lees, Iain Laurie, Megan Wilson, Colin Bell) have dropped career-best work on this, so make sure you get involved.

Review Round-up

Since Find hit the shelves in North America & online we’ve been lucky enough to garner a bunch of super-nice reviews!

I’ve collected them all here, including those I’ve posted before, with the latest (I think…) at the top;

  • Jeff Marsick for the mighty Newsarama‘s Best Shots said HERE of Find; “one of the best books of the year so far” & awarded it 9 out of 10 (!!!), which completely blew everyone involved in the book away!  Thank you so much, Jeff!
  • On Reading With a Flight Ring, Find was called “the one shot story to beat for the remainder of the year.”  Whoa; awesome!
  • At Need To Consume, JCDoyle commented that “Find is a totally enjoyable read“, & you can read the rest of his lovely review HERE.
  • Graphic Policy‘s Brett Schenker recommend Find as a ‘Buy’, & that it “stands out as my favorite debut of 2015 so far“; you can read more of Brett’s really kind words HERE.
  • Rodrigo Lopez over at Major Spoilers included Find in his Staff Picks of the Week; you’ll see it just next to the awesome Gotham Academy!
  • In Comics Bulletin‘s 140 Character Reviews Aaron Meyers said of Find “Enjoyed the art and a great story that is familiar and fresh at the same time.”
  • John Amenta for Pop Culture Uncovered gave Find 4 out of 5 stars in his review HERE, saying of Alex & me; “These are two names to keep an eye out for.”  Thanks, John; really appreciate that!
  • Enjoyed a great chat with Paul Mirek about Find for Broken Frontier which you can read HERE, & Paul also chose Find as one of his staff picks of that week too.
  • On Comics AnonymousGary Watson said Find was “a great one-shot”; you can read his review HERE.
  • Craig Neilson for Big Comic Page reviewed Find HERE, calling it “highly, highly recommended“.
  • I also spoke with Craig about Find, my other comics & a whole lot more; you can read all that HERE.
  • Brad from Bag & Bored reviewed Find HERE, & said that with it that “ComixTribe once again hits the ground running.
  • On Comic Crusaders Adam Cadmon said “If you’re in the market or a feel good story, something light-hearted to take a break from the more intense subject matter, you won’t find a better book” in his review that you’ll find HERE.
  • & Steve Morris was kind enough to review it for his site The Spire just HERE, saying “I was really impressed by the way the creative team chose to tell the story“; thank you very much, Steve!

Phew; that was a lot of articles!

As always; I want to extend my gratitude to all those who took the time to review Find & speak with me, & am so pleased that everyone seemed to really enjoy it.  & if you know of, have done or are planning to review Find; hit me up, & I’ll share it around!

On top of these great articles, Nick & Gary at Bill’s Books & More in Canton, Ohio USA had some kind words about Find in their video round-up of this week’s releases, with Nick selecting it as his pick of the week; thanks, Nick!

Make sure if you’re in their neighbourhood you pop into Bill’s Books & More, grab some of the good stuff, & tell them I sent you!

& all this talk of retailers leads nicely to…

North American Stockists!

Yes, while the horrid weather might have held up Find‘s arrival in the rest of the world (apart from for digital readers), comic fans in the US & Canada have been able to pop down their local shop & see Find waiting for them on their shelves!

Thanks to my pals across the pond I’ve been able to compile a list of CONFIRMED locations that are stocking us, so I hope you’ll all get down to or use mail order to sell these lovely folks out of Find!

  • The lovely folks at the aforementioned  Bill’s Books & More, Canton, Ohio (USA) – Twitter & Facebook
  • Jesse James Comics, Glendale, Arizona (USA) – Twitter, Website & Facebook (these guys do free hotdogs on Wednesdays?!  Awesome!)
  • Merrymac Games & Comics, Merrimack, New Hampshire (USA) – Facebook 
  • The ace-sounding Dragon’s Lair, San Antonio, Texas (USA) – Facebook & Website
  • Gotham Central Comics, Mississauga, Ontario (Canada) – Twitter, Website & Facebook
  • & Midtown Comics, New York City, New York have Find listed on their site HERE, so should be available there too!

A huge, HUGE thank you from me, & all those involved with the book to all the stores listed above, & anyone else who has stocked it too – if you’ve seen it in your local store, or are a store who are getting it in, wherever you might be in the world; get in touch, & I’ll get the word out.

Working in comics retail, I realise the chance taken by stores in picking up Find, & want to make sure they sell out wherever they’ve been ordered; I hope the positive reviews & any interested customers we can point towards those who’ve got it in can help that!

So, there you go; a mammoth post for this chilly season.  Hope you all can root out some Find over the weekend & next week, & if you do; hit me up on Twitter & Facebook (heck; I’m even on Instagram now) to tell me what you think!

Till then; adiós muchachos!


So, the time has arrived…

Find is out TOMORROW!


 Yes!  That’s right; from tomorrow you’ll be able to grab Find in comic stores all across the world.

It will also be online at Comixtribe‘s Comixology page, so if digital comics are more your style, head on over there!

There’s also been a few more nice reviews & interviews to share;

You can read other reviews via my previous post HERE, & if needed any more details about Find, take a look at the page I’ve set up for it HERE.

Wanted to also share the awesome pin-up that the sensational And Then Emily Was Gone art team of Iain Laurie & Megan Wilson have produced for Find, & that you’ll find in both the print & digital editions.


I think we can all agree that is completely gorgeous, & if you like that, you’ll love their work with writer John Lees & letterer Colin Bell on And Then Emily Was Gone, the collected edition of which hits shops next week (4 February); make sure you check it out!

So, I hope that if you are planning on grabbing a copy tomorrow, once you’ve had a read you’ll pop on over to Twitter & tell both me & Alex what you think; we’d love to hear from you!

Take care, & hope you enjoy Find!

FIND – Released worldwide next week!

It has felt a long time coming, but now…

FIND is out next week!!!

I can’t quite believe that it has crept up like this, & I’m really excited to see what everyone thinks of the book once it lands on comic shop shelves across the world!

If you’re not aware of what on earth I’m talking about, I’ll direct you to the dedicated page I set up for Find.  I hope you like what you see, & perhaps take a chance on it next week.


Several websites have been kind enough to put out advance reviews, & you can read them via the links provided below.  I will warn you; some of the reviews feature plot details, so had you wanted to go into the book entirely fresh, consider this your warning!

  • I sat down for a great (& spoiler-free!) chat about Find, my work, UK comics & everything in between with Ceej from Big Comics Page, & you can read it all HERE.
  • Brad over at Bag & Bored dropped the first review, & was really insightful; check it out HERE.
  • Mr Adam Cadmon also took a look over it for Comic Crusaders, & you can read his thoughts HERE.
  • & Steve Morris was kind enough to review it for his site The Spire just HERE.

I’m humbled that folks have taken the time to look over the book, & am delighted they all seemed to enjoy it, & found that it got them thinking.

There should be a few more reviews coming up as we near & hit release day, so I’ll keep the blog updated when they appear.

Also wanted to extend a BIG “thank you” to super-nice creators Ryan K. Lindsay, Owen Michael Johnson, Adam P. Knave & Si Spurrier, who all were kind enough to give Find an early read, say some really lovely things about it, & let me share what they said with everyone.

You’ll see a these blended with some images from the book below, & hope you all head out to check it out for yourselves once it lands next Wednesday, 28th January!

FB_FIND_1200x1200_1 FB_FIND_1200x1200_4 FB_FIND_1200x1200_3 FB_FIND_1200x1200_2

London Calling…

Thought Bubble was predictably excellent.  Thoroughly, completely & epoch-shatteringly EXCELLENT.

I met many wonderful, talented & inspiring people, & am so grateful to be able to call Thought Bubble my ‘local’ considering quite how astoundingly excellent it is every single year.

Yet, as is often the way, the subsequent return to ‘real’ life, coupled with some interesting threads leading from the that weekend meant the aftermath lingered, & has really only been cleared up now.  I think.  Possibly.

But enough of this long-winded excuse for not doing a proper report (sorry); on to more pressing matters!

Friends, Londoners; You Can Buy My Comics!

You heard CORRECT, good people of The Big Smoke; as of right NOW you have not just one but TWO excellent funny book slinging establishments stocked to the gills with Exit Generation #1, #2, #3 & #4!

Both the fantastic Gosh Comics & the brilliant Orbital Comics have been kind enough to place Exit Generation on their excellent shelves, so GO GO GO: snap ’em all up!


While you’re at it, make sure you check out some of the other top stuff each store has in stock, such as Gosh’s range of amazing exclusive book-plates, & get along to Orbital’s awesome Becky Cloonan signing next week, or one of the other great events both they & Gosh regularly put on.

But also don’t forget to grab some Exit Generation while you’re there!  & tell your friends too!  🙂

& hey; drop me a line on Twitter or the RF Comics Facebook if you do, as I love to hear what people think!

That’s it from me folks; back to the comic mines…

Till next time.


New Comic Day = FREE COMIC DAY



Yeah, ALL of you!

It’s New Comics Day again (which some people still insist on calling Wednesday…), & as I sat pondering all the awesome books coming out, I got thinking about how I might get in on the action.

So, I’ve decided that for a limited time only, I’m gonna give away digital copies of Exit Generation #1 for absolutely nothing, right HERE!



If you enjoy it, you can pop over to the ReadFrench Webstore, where physical & digital copies of the whole series are available to purchase.  Plus, hard copies are available from a selection of stores, including OK Comics in Leeds (UK), Big Bang Comics in Dublin (Ireland), Travelling Man in York (UK) & Nostalgia Comics in Birmingham (UK); go give them your business, folks!

As I mentioned, this is only be for a limited time.  So, go & spread the word, before my inner Scrooge McDuck forces me to subdue my generosity!

Hope you all enjoy it, & please drop me a line with any thoughts.

Till next time!


PS – Because our webstore won’t let us give stuff away, Exit Generation #1 is currently 5p there, but there is a link in the description on how to get it for free, so don’t buy it; nap it for nothing instead!  😉

What’s the word?

So, Exit Generation #2 has been ‘on the streets’ a couple of weeks now, & some really kind folks have done the team & I the honour of casting their critical eyes over it.

"What they sayin' about us, Mo?"

“What they sayin’ about us, Jack?”

Below I’ve collected together links to all the sites & folk who were good enough to give Exit Generation #2 a review;

Michelle White over on Multiversity said the series is; “shaping up to be a remarkable romp, thoughtful without being preachy, fun without being overly light-hearted.”  Thanks, Michelle!

CeeJ at the Big Comic Page says that Exit Generation #2 is; ” Highly, highly recommended.”  Wow!  Thanks loads!

G-Man wrote on Comic Anonymous“I’m screaming at Sam in my head to get issue 3 out ASAP.” Ok, Gary; I’ll see what we can do!

– JCDoyle reviewed both #1 & #2 for the folks at Need To Consume, and said Exit Generation; “showcases some exciting talent that’s worth keeping an eye on”, which is proper nice of him!

James at Panel Patter also took a look at both issues #1 & #2, saying; “If you’re interested in an entertaining and good-natured (as well as good looking) science fiction series, Exit Generation is worth seeking out.”  Fantastically kind, James; I’m blushing!

Andy with Backseat Mafia did a lovely overview of the series so far, stating; “Exit Generation is deceptively simple in its premise, the ingenuity of subverting a common trope is a real “how has nobody done this before?” type of deal.”  So kind!

Such nice stuff said about our little book; thanks so much to everyone above.

& if you wanted to take a look at what they’re all talking about, you can pick both books up yourself at OK Comics, either in store or via mail order, or you can grab copies, both physical & digital, over at the RF Comics webstore.

Keep popping by for news on Exit Generation #3, or if you’re on Facebook, like the RF Comics page, where you’ll find info on all the new books by Harry French & I.

On the subject of Mr Harry French; the talented gent has started up his own blog, & his first post is a fantastic piece about some ‘what might have been’ projects, accompanied by some classy art.  Make sure you take a look.

Till next time, internet!