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Exit Generation Pin-Up-Palooza!

(Oh, man; I’ve been SO excited to do this post for ages, so here goes…)

As I type this it is only a few days until the Final Cut Off date for retailers to order ‘Exit Generation’ #1, which falls on Friday 18 July.

But even though the deadline is drawing near, there is still time to get your order in!  If you’re at your local store this Wednesday for your new comics, you can ask them to order a copy using Diamond Code JUL151204 – & you can still see a preview of the first issue (along with a bunch of other details) right HERE.

Across the past month both ComixTribe & myself have reached out to hundreds of retailers all across the world to talk to them about the book, & I wanted to put on record my gratitude to all of those stores who’ve already shown their support, & of course a huge “Thank You!” to every single person who has shared information about the book on social media, talked with their friends about it, or even just taken a look – it truly means a great deal to the team & I.

However!  The fun isn’t over just yet…

Across the last little while, several tremendous creators have done me & the ‘Exit Generation’ team the highest of honours & turned their formidable talents to the characters from our little series, so with out further adieu, allow me to welcome you to…

Exit Generation Pin-Up-Palooza!

Yes!  Being a complete sucker for pin-ups, it is my absolute delight to share with you several amazing pieces of ‘Exit Generation’ art from some totally awesome artists starting with…

 Zak Simmonds-Hurn – Hanna & Scrap

Exit Generation Pin-Up RGB 100dpi

Hanna & Scrap by Zak Simmonds-Hurn

From the brilliant Zak Simmonds-Hurn comes this stunning piece featuring Hanna & Scrap, two of ‘Exit Generation‘s intrepid gang who we meet in issue #2!

Zak is a UK-based comic artist, with work regularly appearing in a number of publications, including The Phoenix for whom he draws the ace comic ‘Sky Drifters’.  You can (& should!) go check out Zak’s website HERE, & make sure you take a peek at his self-penned comic Monstrosity too; you won’t regret it!

Alex Cormack – Jack

Jack by Alex Cormack

Jack by Alex Cormack

From the mega-talented Alex Cormack, my partner-in-crime on ‘Find, comes this tremendous piece showcasing ‘Exit Generation‘s punk music-obsessed, action-movie loving ‘front man’ Jack!

Alex is as prolific as he is skilled, & will soon be exploding back on to comic store shelves once again with ComixTribe‘s new series ‘Oxymoron: The Loveliest Nightmare, so make sure you check that out, & also catch up with all Alex’s art over on his website.

Michael Kennedy – The Gang!

The Gang by Michael Kennedy

The Gang by Michael Kennedy

This phenomenal pin-up of the gang tangling with the fiendish Ruleians comes from the mind of Michael Kennedy; a frighteningly talented gent who needs to be on every single one of your radars immediately!

Currently working on upcoming creator-owned series ‘Spiritus‘ & with a website chock-a-block with eye-popping art (check it HERE), Michael is for my money one of the hottest new British creators around right now; get over & have a gander at his stuff!

Ruairí Coleman & Timothy Brown – Mo & Jack

Mo & Jack by Ruairí Coleman & Timothy Brown

Mo & Jack by Ruairí Coleman & Timothy Brown

With pencils & inks from the most-excellent Ruairí Coleman, & beautiful colours by Timothy Brown, here we see best buds Mo & Jack heading into battle against the alien menace!

Ruairí has worked for a number of publishers, including on ‘Turok: Dinosaur Hunter’ for Dynamite & covers for IDW‘s ‘TMNT Amazing Adventures’, & his Instagram (which you can find HERE) is a treasure trove of spectacular art, while you can also see more of Tim’s gorgeous colours on his DeviantArt page HERE; go take a peek at both!

Jason Copland & Dee Cunniffe – The Chief Taster

The Chief Taster by Jason Copland & Dee Cunniffe

The Chief Taster by Jason Copland & Dee Cunniffe

Behind this delicious (pun fully intended) pin-up of the Ruleian boss-man The Chief Taster is the superlative pairing of Jason Copland on inks, & Dee Cunniffe on colours.

Jason is co-creator of recent series ‘POP’, art mastermind behind ‘Kill All Monsters’ (which is in ‘Dark Horse Presents’ today; go grab it!) & will be working on Marvel‘s just-announced ‘What If: Infinity‘ mini-series later this year.  You can find his work, original art & other info on his site HERE.

Dee works on top titles such as ‘Wicked+Divine‘, ‘ODY-C‘, ‘Granuaile: Queen of Storms’ & ‘MayDay’, as well as many more, & you can see more of his luscious colours over on his ace blog HERE.

Well… Let me be the first to say WOW!

So, so grateful for the time, skill & talent all of the creators above invested in these pieces, & could not be more delighted with them.  Make sure you go follow every single one of them on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, & every other platform they might be on, & make sure to go buy all their books & art!

After all that excitement there isn’t much more for me to say other that I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful art, please consider ordering ‘Exit Generation‘ #1 this week (Diamond Code JUL151204 – see a preview HERE) & thanks again for popping by!

Till next time; take care!


FIND – UK Release; Reviews round-up; US/Can retailers!

Hey there folks!

UK Shop Release 

First up; it seems that the crazy-pants weather in the US has stalled shipping for Find to Europe, & possibly rest of the world.  Which sucks.

As soon as I know more details, I’ll throw them up here, on Facebook & on Twitter so you can know when to run out & get it!

THIS WEDNESDAY, my European comic folks; promise!

Sorry for the delay, my European comic people.

But even though Find might not be out quite yet, Comixtribe are releasing the collected edition of And Then Emily Was Gone, which you MUST check out!  All those involved (John Lees, Iain Laurie, Megan Wilson, Colin Bell) have dropped career-best work on this, so make sure you get involved.

Review Round-up

Since Find hit the shelves in North America & online we’ve been lucky enough to garner a bunch of super-nice reviews!

I’ve collected them all here, including those I’ve posted before, with the latest (I think…) at the top;

  • Jeff Marsick for the mighty Newsarama‘s Best Shots said HERE of Find; “one of the best books of the year so far” & awarded it 9 out of 10 (!!!), which completely blew everyone involved in the book away!  Thank you so much, Jeff!
  • On Reading With a Flight Ring, Find was called “the one shot story to beat for the remainder of the year.”  Whoa; awesome!
  • At Need To Consume, JCDoyle commented that “Find is a totally enjoyable read“, & you can read the rest of his lovely review HERE.
  • Graphic Policy‘s Brett Schenker recommend Find as a ‘Buy’, & that it “stands out as my favorite debut of 2015 so far“; you can read more of Brett’s really kind words HERE.
  • Rodrigo Lopez over at Major Spoilers included Find in his Staff Picks of the Week; you’ll see it just next to the awesome Gotham Academy!
  • In Comics Bulletin‘s 140 Character Reviews Aaron Meyers said of Find “Enjoyed the art and a great story that is familiar and fresh at the same time.”
  • John Amenta for Pop Culture Uncovered gave Find 4 out of 5 stars in his review HERE, saying of Alex & me; “These are two names to keep an eye out for.”  Thanks, John; really appreciate that!
  • Enjoyed a great chat with Paul Mirek about Find for Broken Frontier which you can read HERE, & Paul also chose Find as one of his staff picks of that week too.
  • On Comics AnonymousGary Watson said Find was “a great one-shot”; you can read his review HERE.
  • Craig Neilson for Big Comic Page reviewed Find HERE, calling it “highly, highly recommended“.
  • I also spoke with Craig about Find, my other comics & a whole lot more; you can read all that HERE.
  • Brad from Bag & Bored reviewed Find HERE, & said that with it that “ComixTribe once again hits the ground running.
  • On Comic Crusaders Adam Cadmon said “If you’re in the market or a feel good story, something light-hearted to take a break from the more intense subject matter, you won’t find a better book” in his review that you’ll find HERE.
  • & Steve Morris was kind enough to review it for his site The Spire just HERE, saying “I was really impressed by the way the creative team chose to tell the story“; thank you very much, Steve!

Phew; that was a lot of articles!

As always; I want to extend my gratitude to all those who took the time to review Find & speak with me, & am so pleased that everyone seemed to really enjoy it.  & if you know of, have done or are planning to review Find; hit me up, & I’ll share it around!

On top of these great articles, Nick & Gary at Bill’s Books & More in Canton, Ohio USA had some kind words about Find in their video round-up of this week’s releases, with Nick selecting it as his pick of the week; thanks, Nick!

Make sure if you’re in their neighbourhood you pop into Bill’s Books & More, grab some of the good stuff, & tell them I sent you!

& all this talk of retailers leads nicely to…

North American Stockists!

Yes, while the horrid weather might have held up Find‘s arrival in the rest of the world (apart from for digital readers), comic fans in the US & Canada have been able to pop down their local shop & see Find waiting for them on their shelves!

Thanks to my pals across the pond I’ve been able to compile a list of CONFIRMED locations that are stocking us, so I hope you’ll all get down to or use mail order to sell these lovely folks out of Find!

  • The lovely folks at the aforementioned  Bill’s Books & More, Canton, Ohio (USA) – Twitter & Facebook
  • Jesse James Comics, Glendale, Arizona (USA) – Twitter, Website & Facebook (these guys do free hotdogs on Wednesdays?!  Awesome!)
  • Merrymac Games & Comics, Merrimack, New Hampshire (USA) – Facebook 
  • The ace-sounding Dragon’s Lair, San Antonio, Texas (USA) – Facebook & Website
  • Gotham Central Comics, Mississauga, Ontario (Canada) – Twitter, Website & Facebook
  • & Midtown Comics, New York City, New York have Find listed on their site HERE, so should be available there too!

A huge, HUGE thank you from me, & all those involved with the book to all the stores listed above, & anyone else who has stocked it too – if you’ve seen it in your local store, or are a store who are getting it in, wherever you might be in the world; get in touch, & I’ll get the word out.

Working in comics retail, I realise the chance taken by stores in picking up Find, & want to make sure they sell out wherever they’ve been ordered; I hope the positive reviews & any interested customers we can point towards those who’ve got it in can help that!

So, there you go; a mammoth post for this chilly season.  Hope you all can root out some Find over the weekend & next week, & if you do; hit me up on Twitter & Facebook (heck; I’m even on Instagram now) to tell me what you think!

Till then; adiós muchachos!

Announcing… ‘Find’!

Hey there folks!

You may recall that back in May I teased a new project.

Well, now I’m delighted to finally announce …

'Find' #1 cover

With art from the profoundly talented Alex Cormack (Future Proof, I Play The Bad Guy) & letters by Tyler James (The Red Ten, Epic), Find is my own writing début in direct market comics.

Published by the excellent Comixtribe, home to great titles such as Scam, Oxymoron & current horror sensation And Then Emily Was Gone, Find will be hitting stores in January 2015, & you can head out & pre-order it now from your lovely local comic book shop using Diamond code NOV141188.

Telling the story of a young boy who finds a strange, otherworldly object one night & embarks on an incredible adventure, Find is a all-ages one-shot in the tradition of 80s/90s ‘coming-of-age films’, & an ode to the boundary-defeating power of comics.

Whether this is the first time you’ve encountered Alex’s or my own work, or if you’ve already enjoyed the likes of Exit Generation, Future Proof or the many quality titles Comixtribe put out, I really hope you like the look of Find, & will consider pre-ordering the book from your local comic book shop.

& to help you do just that, Alex & Tyler have put together the natty pre-order handbill below (click on the picture for a larger, print-friendly image)!

Print me!

To make sure you don’t miss out, print the above image, & either take it to your regular comic shop or find one near you via this link, & have them order in your very own copy (or copies, if you fancy) of Find!

You can even email them the image (it saves trees & shows off you’re good with computers…),  & please don’t hesitate to share it with your friends, either; they’d want to know!

But in all seriousness; with books such as ours, pre-ordering really is very important.

Alex, Tyler, the guys at Comixtribe & myself have put a lot into Find, & I’m really proud of what we’ve put together.  However, unlike those books featuring characters such as Batman or Spider-Man, or even those established independent titles like Walking Dead, ours isn’t a comics retailers will likely be looking out for in their catalogues, so for them to take a chance on us they need you to let them know you want them to order it in.

So everyone involved would be really, really grateful if you would be so kind as to support us & pre-order; it’s the BEST way to back new comics, & we’d be humbled & grateful.

I’ll be making loads & loads of noise about this over the coming weeks, but you can catch all the relevant details on a special page I’ve set up on the site HERE once new blog posts overtake this one.

Oh, & one last thing; Find will also feature an exclusive pin-up by Iain Laurie & Megan Wilson, art team for the magnificent And Then Emily Was Gone, the trade paperback of also hits stores in January 2015 (Diamond Order Code NOV141187), so make it a Comixtribe double, & snap that up too!

Lots of news in the build up to Thought Bubble 2014 coming up from me over the next week, so keep checking back (maybe we’ll even have some Exit Generation #4 news; you never know…).

But until then; get pre-ordering Find, you lovely people!  😉

New Comic Day = FREE COMIC DAY



Yeah, ALL of you!

It’s New Comics Day again (which some people still insist on calling Wednesday…), & as I sat pondering all the awesome books coming out, I got thinking about how I might get in on the action.

So, I’ve decided that for a limited time only, I’m gonna give away digital copies of Exit Generation #1 for absolutely nothing, right HERE!



If you enjoy it, you can pop over to the ReadFrench Webstore, where physical & digital copies of the whole series are available to purchase.  Plus, hard copies are available from a selection of stores, including OK Comics in Leeds (UK), Big Bang Comics in Dublin (Ireland), Travelling Man in York (UK) & Nostalgia Comics in Birmingham (UK); go give them your business, folks!

As I mentioned, this is only be for a limited time.  So, go & spread the word, before my inner Scrooge McDuck forces me to subdue my generosity!

Hope you all enjoy it, & please drop me a line with any thoughts.

Till next time!


PS – Because our webstore won’t let us give stuff away, Exit Generation #1 is currently 5p there, but there is a link in the description on how to get it for free, so don’t buy it; nap it for nothing instead!  😉

Submissions, both future and past…

Hey again everyone.

Having left it a loooooong time between updates before last week’s I’m now planning on being a lot more frequent for the foreseeable future.

So, what’s been going down this week?

Grayhaven Presents

When talking about my involvement in the Grayhaven Comics’ Writer Apprentice last update I mentioned in passing that I had a short story appearing in one of their publications.  Well, finally the anthology I’m going to be featured in has been announced.  It is titled ‘Grayhaven Presents Sci-Fi/Horror’ and features a range of stories touching on this crossover of genres.  You can take a look at the cover art and list of stories HERE.

My short is titled ‘The Answer to Question M‘ and the art comes from the outrageously talented Garry Mac, who as well as being a brilliant artist and excellent human also manages to somehow find time to be the top man at Unthank Comics, a Glasgow-based publisher.  You can check out Garry’s work HERE and follow him on twitter at @garrymacl and highly recommend you do so, as he has got an excellent project coming soon in the shape of ‘Gonzo Cosmic’, a comic you truly will not want to miss.  I’ll definitely be talking more about that nearer its release.

And while we’re on the subject…

I first got involved with Grayahaven during one of their previous submission periods, where they allow writers to pitch for space in their anthologies, regardless of previous experience or portfolio.  This led to my first experience of working with an editor, and taught me a great deal of different tips and skills I still utilise today.  I mention this as Grayhaven have just opened for submissions again, with over five different volumes looking for stories.  You can take a glance yourself right HERE, and I strongly urge anyone with even a mild interest in writing for comics to have a go.  I did so when I had literally no experience, so there really is nothing stopping anyone chancing their arm.  Good luck to all who submit!

Reviews and Articles 

Finally… I’ve added a new page to my blog where you can find links to all those articles I’ve written for other sites.  You can find this via the main page or visit it HERE.  Most are reviews of comics/graphic novels or interviews with creators, and currently all are hosted on the excellent Geek Chocolate.  I hope to keep managing to squeeze in reviews, interviews and maybe some other stuff between my own writing, but also please do check out what is there already.  I hope you find some of the articles interesting, and do tell me what you think; always happy for feedback!

Well, that’s me done for now, but will be back soon.

Till next time ladies, gents and household pets!


I’m back (in more ways than one…)

Hey interworld.

It’s been a while.

I renewed this domain name months back when I was on the brink of finding time to blog again, but things kinda went wild since then.  Having just come to the end of a two month cycle of crazy I thought I really should sit down and write up quite what’s been keeping me away.

Grayhaven Apprentice

First off; since way back in late July, all the way up till the last weekend I had been taking part in Grayhaven’s Comic Writers Apprentice.  This was a competition run by the Grayhaven Comics, pitching 18 aspiring writers against one another via a series of both group and individual challenges, the winner getting the opportunity to publish a 22-page one-shot comic with them next year.

Being aware of Grayhaven as a great publisher of new writers, thanks to one of my own pieces having been accepted into an upcoming anthology of theirs (which I’ll be blogging about soon…), I jumped at the chance to take part.  I though I might make it a few round, and was sure to learn a tonne of new skills, regardless of how I faired.

To my surprise, via a combination of a little hard work, luck and a distinct lack of sleep for two months, I managed to make my way right through to the final, culminating in my coming in overall 2nd place to eventual winner Jared Moore.  I am delighted to have made it so far, mainly because with every passing round I learnt more and more, both from the interactions with my fellow contestants and the advice of the judges.  All the work conducted, and the feedback on it, was made public, and if you click HERE and follow the links at the bottom, you can check out all the projects I and the other contestants submitted.

Though I was disappointed to not make it all the way over the line, this experience taught me many valuable lessons about writing that it would probably have taken me years accumulate outside of the intense environment of the competition, and I am very grateful for having had the chance to compete.  Grayhaven have stated they intend to run the contest again next year, and I urge anyone with an interest in writing for comics to take part.  You won’t regret it.

Dublin International Comic Expo

This brings us to the second meaning of this blog post’s title.  I was lucky enough to be able to head over the Irish Sea last weekend to the wonderful city of Dublin to attend Dublin International Comic Expo, or DICE for short.  Having never visited Ireland, despite travelling to some pretty far flung places, it was great to finally do so, and the show was absolutely mega.

There was a fantastic line up of guests from across the comic world, including Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder of ‘Batman’ fame, alongside a rich roster of closer-to-home talent, such as Declan Shalvey, Jordie Bellaire, Si SpurrierKieron Gillen and many more.  It was a brilliantly intimate affair, with creators generous with their time, and an excellent selection of interesting panels across the weekend.

I was fortunate enough to be staying with one of the guests Ruth Redmond, a ludicrously talented colourist and artist who I am very fortunate to be collaborating with on an upcoming book (more on that later…).  I had also been introduced via my own boss at OK Comics to John Hendrick, DICE’s mastermind and manager of the fantastic Dublin comic store The Big Bang, who was very kind in making me feel welcome.

Across the two days I was able to spend a very decent amount of time socialising and chatting with the professionals in attendance, both in and out of the convention, and was given much excellent advice for my own writing career, as well having some seriously good fun.  I look forward to bumping into many of those I met again at Thought Bubble in nearby Leeds this November.

What is ‘Exit Generation’..?

Speaking of Thought Bubble, this year is the first time I will be exhibiting proper at the event, having assisted friends there previously.  This is because I am using the occasion to release the first issue of what is my début comic series, ‘Exit Generation’.  It’s a project that has been swirling around in my mind for quite some time, but has really come together in the last six-to-eight months, and I am tremendously excited to finally get the opportunity to share it with the world.

It is a four part series and I’m lucky to be collaborating with an extraordinarily talented bunch of people it.  ‘Exit Generation’ features art by Caio Oliveira (‘No More Heroes‘), colours by the aforementioned Ruth Redmond (‘Imagine Agents‘), letters/design by Colin Bell (‘Detective Spacecat‘) and covers by Ramon Villalobos (‘Abstact3‘).  It is all coming together nicely, and nearer release I’ll be doing a special preview of the book right here, so keep your eyes open.

I’ve one or two other projects bubbling away in the background, and I hope by the time the first issue of ‘Exit Generation’ is out there I’ll be able to talk a little more about a few of them.

‘Dead Roots’  – A zombie anthology with a difference

One project I can now talk about is ‘Dead Roots‘, an anthology featuring stories from a number of different writer artist teams, which is currently on kickstarter HERE..  These all look at a zombie outbreak from a range of different perspectives, with the tales ranging from horrific to heart-warming to comedic.  I’m fortunate to have a four page story in the project called ‘Boxes’, drawn by the brilliant Leonie O’Moore, who produces beautiful art and comics that I insist you go and check out.

The brain behind ‘Dead Roots’ is Mike Garley, founder and editor of online anthology comic VS Comics,.  With just three days gone of its month-long funding period, ‘Dead Roots’ has already raised over 50% of its target, so it looks like Mike has put together another winning project, and I’m proud to be involved.

So… that update proved to be a lot more substantial than I intended!  However, I’m planning on keeping the content flowing significantly more frequently here in future, so watch this space for more news of projects I’m involved in, some reviews/recommendations of comics/graphic novels I’m enjoying, and also some general thoughts about whatever is on my mind.  I aim to keep you interested…

Till next time, keep safe and enjoy yourselves.