Exit Generation – #1 out NOW!

FB_Cover_EG copyEXIT GENERATION #1 is out NOW in comic stores & on Comixology (buy it digitally HERE)!

Set in a near future, where a sudden depopulation of Earth has resulted in a comfortable but dull utopia, EXIT GENERATION follows a bored punk named Jack, who is thrust suddenly into the unlikely role of saviour when hungry aliens snatch his nearest and dearest.

From underground success in the UK, & now to the world stage; the first issue of the direct market release lands in comic shops and on Comixology in September though ComixTribe, & features the work of;

Writer: Sam Read (ComixTribe’s Find)
Artist: Caio Oliveira (Magnetic Press’ Super Ego)
Colourist (Issue One): Ruth Redmond (Marvel’s Storm)
Colourist (Issues Two, Three & Four): Marissa Louise (BOOM’s Escape From New York)
Letters and production:
Colin Bell (BOOM’s UFOlogy)
Ramon Villalobos (Marvel’s Original Sins)
 Adam P. Knave (MonkeyBrain’s Amelia Cole)
Linking Variant Covers – Inks: Joe Mulvey (ComixTribe’s Scam)
Linking Variant Covers – Colours: Jules Rivera (Valkyrie Squadron)

Join the EXIT GENERATION Facebook site HERE for news, exclusive content & information on pre-ordering the series via your local comic book store.

See below for a 5-page preview of EXIT GENERATION #1!




eg1p1 eg1p2 eg1p3 eg1p4 eg1p5

EG_02_CT EG_02_CT2


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