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Thought Bubble 2016 & announcing Zinethology!

Hey everyone!

In a couple of weeks time (5th/6th Nov), I’ll once again be attending the magnificent Thought Bubble Comic Art Festival, where you’ll be able to find me in the Comixology Marquee at Table 71.


To celebrate what is hands-down my favourite UK comic convention, I’ll be running a few special deals on my books, including all four issues of Exit Generation for just £5!


Alongside this deal, I’ll have the last few copies of Find as well as Shorts, my collection of stories initially launched last year at the same event, & I’ve priced them in a way that means you can get 6 comics for just £10!

I’m also excited to announce the launch of Zinethology!  Available for the first time at Thought Bubble 2016, this a new comic compilation featuring some fantastically talented creators (& me too)!


Above is the phenomenal cover by Abigail Harding (Elephantmen), & below you can see the details of the amazing array of talent involved.  You can also find preview art from the three stories included over on the Zinethology Tumblr, & I’ll have copies with me at Thought Bubble for just £2.


That’s all for now, & I do hope you’ll put a visit to Marquee Table 71 on your to-do list if you’re attending Thought Bubble this year; I’ve got plenty of high-fives for everyone!

Next week I’m going to blog about all the amazing folks you’ll be able to find at the event, but for now; go check out the Zinethology preview, & let it whet your appetite for grabbing a copy in a fortnight’s time!


In Orbit(al)…

Hey folks!

Just a quick one today; wanted to share a link to my first ever podcast interview, which took place at the recent London Super Comic Convention, & found me chatting with the awesome Chris Thompson of Orbital in Conversation.

We chatted about both Find Exit Generation, & a whole other load of comics stuff, so pop on over & take a listen HERE.

I’m on second, after my pal Alex Paknadel, writer of the excellent upcoming Arcadia from BOOM Studios, which you should absolutely check out when it hits the shelves in May.

Hope you find it interesting, & don’t forget to give the Exit Generation Facebook Page a ‘Like’!

Till next time!

Exit Generation goes GLOBAL!

I’ve been sitting on this news for a little while, but now it is finally public knowledge…

EXIT GENERATION is going worldwide!

FB_Cover_EG copy


Yes, that’s right; the brilliant ComixTribe (publishers of my direct market début Find) have picked up the series, & will be taking it into comic stores all across the planet later on this year!

So, so delighted for the opportunity to share Caio, Marissa, Ruth, Ramon, Colin & Adam’s work with a wider audience, & grateful to Tyler James & the whole team at ComixTribe for their enthusiasm & support for the book.

The first issue will be available to pre-order in the summer for a September launch, & you can keep tabs on the road to release over at the Exit Generation Facebook page HERE, where you’ll get a first look at exclusive new art  & information on how to pick up the direct market editions when it becomes available.

& one of the exciting new additions to the direct market editions will be a stunning set of connecting (yes, you heard right; CONNECTING) variant covers by the one-&-only Joe Mulvey, writer/artist of the sensational Scam, & you can see his initial outline for these below.

One word; WHOA!

One word; WHOA!

Tremendous, right?  I know that I cannot wait to see them, & along with a few more special little things we are cooking up, I’m very excited for all the new elements we’re bringing together for the series.

I hope you’ll jump aboard out Facebook page, & follow us all the way to the shelves of your local comic book shop (or preferred digital comic retailer, of course), & help bring the adventures of Jack, Mo & the rest of the gang to the world.

Until next time; take care!


I’ll take you to foggy London Town…

Hey folks!

Coming up this weekend sees the return of what was one of my favourite conventions of 2014…



I’m really excited to be heading down, & also to once again be sharing a table with one of my favourite humans Colin Bell; letterer, writer & general comics bon vivant!

We shall be shilling our receptive funny book wares in Artists Alley at Table A95, including the likes of Colin’s multi-award guzzling Dungeon Fun (1, 2 & 3), Exit Generation (1, 2, 3 & 4), & I will also be selling copies of Find, so if you are one of those who has not managed to get hold of the latter in your local shop; you can grab it up from me this weekend!


Oh, look!  A handy map!

We do hope that if you are down at the event you’ll pop on over & say hi; we’d love to see you.

Colin will also be on Titan Comics’ Dr Who panel over the weekend, so if your a fan of time lords; make sure you catch that, for sure!

Till next time…



FIND – UK Release; Reviews round-up; US/Can retailers!

Hey there folks!

UK Shop Release 

First up; it seems that the crazy-pants weather in the US has stalled shipping for Find to Europe, & possibly rest of the world.  Which sucks.

As soon as I know more details, I’ll throw them up here, on Facebook & on Twitter so you can know when to run out & get it!

THIS WEDNESDAY, my European comic folks; promise!

Sorry for the delay, my European comic people.

But even though Find might not be out quite yet, Comixtribe are releasing the collected edition of And Then Emily Was Gone, which you MUST check out!  All those involved (John Lees, Iain Laurie, Megan Wilson, Colin Bell) have dropped career-best work on this, so make sure you get involved.

Review Round-up

Since Find hit the shelves in North America & online we’ve been lucky enough to garner a bunch of super-nice reviews!

I’ve collected them all here, including those I’ve posted before, with the latest (I think…) at the top;

  • Jeff Marsick for the mighty Newsarama‘s Best Shots said HERE of Find; “one of the best books of the year so far” & awarded it 9 out of 10 (!!!), which completely blew everyone involved in the book away!  Thank you so much, Jeff!
  • On Reading With a Flight Ring, Find was called “the one shot story to beat for the remainder of the year.”  Whoa; awesome!
  • At Need To Consume, JCDoyle commented that “Find is a totally enjoyable read“, & you can read the rest of his lovely review HERE.
  • Graphic Policy‘s Brett Schenker recommend Find as a ‘Buy’, & that it “stands out as my favorite debut of 2015 so far“; you can read more of Brett’s really kind words HERE.
  • Rodrigo Lopez over at Major Spoilers included Find in his Staff Picks of the Week; you’ll see it just next to the awesome Gotham Academy!
  • In Comics Bulletin‘s 140 Character Reviews Aaron Meyers said of Find “Enjoyed the art and a great story that is familiar and fresh at the same time.”
  • John Amenta for Pop Culture Uncovered gave Find 4 out of 5 stars in his review HERE, saying of Alex & me; “These are two names to keep an eye out for.”  Thanks, John; really appreciate that!
  • Enjoyed a great chat with Paul Mirek about Find for Broken Frontier which you can read HERE, & Paul also chose Find as one of his staff picks of that week too.
  • On Comics AnonymousGary Watson said Find was “a great one-shot”; you can read his review HERE.
  • Craig Neilson for Big Comic Page reviewed Find HERE, calling it “highly, highly recommended“.
  • I also spoke with Craig about Find, my other comics & a whole lot more; you can read all that HERE.
  • Brad from Bag & Bored reviewed Find HERE, & said that with it that “ComixTribe once again hits the ground running.
  • On Comic Crusaders Adam Cadmon said “If you’re in the market or a feel good story, something light-hearted to take a break from the more intense subject matter, you won’t find a better book” in his review that you’ll find HERE.
  • & Steve Morris was kind enough to review it for his site The Spire just HERE, saying “I was really impressed by the way the creative team chose to tell the story“; thank you very much, Steve!

Phew; that was a lot of articles!

As always; I want to extend my gratitude to all those who took the time to review Find & speak with me, & am so pleased that everyone seemed to really enjoy it.  & if you know of, have done or are planning to review Find; hit me up, & I’ll share it around!

On top of these great articles, Nick & Gary at Bill’s Books & More in Canton, Ohio USA had some kind words about Find in their video round-up of this week’s releases, with Nick selecting it as his pick of the week; thanks, Nick!

Make sure if you’re in their neighbourhood you pop into Bill’s Books & More, grab some of the good stuff, & tell them I sent you!

& all this talk of retailers leads nicely to…

North American Stockists!

Yes, while the horrid weather might have held up Find‘s arrival in the rest of the world (apart from for digital readers), comic fans in the US & Canada have been able to pop down their local shop & see Find waiting for them on their shelves!

Thanks to my pals across the pond I’ve been able to compile a list of CONFIRMED locations that are stocking us, so I hope you’ll all get down to or use mail order to sell these lovely folks out of Find!

  • The lovely folks at the aforementioned  Bill’s Books & More, Canton, Ohio (USA) – Twitter & Facebook
  • Jesse James Comics, Glendale, Arizona (USA) – Twitter, Website & Facebook (these guys do free hotdogs on Wednesdays?!  Awesome!)
  • Merrymac Games & Comics, Merrimack, New Hampshire (USA) – Facebook 
  • The ace-sounding Dragon’s Lair, San Antonio, Texas (USA) – Facebook & Website
  • Gotham Central Comics, Mississauga, Ontario (Canada) – Twitter, Website & Facebook
  • & Midtown Comics, New York City, New York have Find listed on their site HERE, so should be available there too!

A huge, HUGE thank you from me, & all those involved with the book to all the stores listed above, & anyone else who has stocked it too – if you’ve seen it in your local store, or are a store who are getting it in, wherever you might be in the world; get in touch, & I’ll get the word out.

Working in comics retail, I realise the chance taken by stores in picking up Find, & want to make sure they sell out wherever they’ve been ordered; I hope the positive reviews & any interested customers we can point towards those who’ve got it in can help that!

So, there you go; a mammoth post for this chilly season.  Hope you all can root out some Find over the weekend & next week, & if you do; hit me up on Twitter & Facebook (heck; I’m even on Instagram now) to tell me what you think!

Till then; adiós muchachos!

Review: Exit Generation Issue 1

Travelling Man review ‘Exit Generation #1’!

And you can find issues #1-3 at all their stores now!

Travelling Man's Blog

Written by Sam Read

Art by Caio Oliveira

Colours by: Ruth Redmond

Letters and production by Colin Bell

Cover by Ramon Villalobos

Edited by Adam P. Knave

Downloadable for free from

In 2035, a generation long evacuation of the planet launched. The EXIT Project was designed to evacuate all of humanity to a new world. It went wrong before it even launched, with only 95% of the planet’s population able to fit aboard the ships. The other 5% were left behind. Jack’s mother, pregnant with him, was one of them. Jack’s father was aboard the ships.

The 5% watched in horror as a fault in the oxygen systems on all the ships wiped out everyone aboard. There was nothing they could do, no rescue possible. 95% of the planet’s population died due to a simple error.

20 years later, the Earth is a very different place. With almost all…

View original post 280 more words

DICE: An Inspiration

In 24 hours time, after a train ride that takes me across the north of the UK, & a short hop over the Irish Sea, I will be at what is probably my most anticipated comic event of 2014; Dublin International Comic Con (DICE).

As that time draws closer I’ve got increasingly excited, but also kind of nervous.  & on the eve of my journey I wanted to lay out the ‘Why‘ behind both of those feelings.

Firstly, “excited“; this one is easy!

Look at that guest list for a second…  Stunning, no?

Any right-minded comic fan can see that the team at Big Bang, along with creative director & artist extraordinaire Declan Shalvey, have assembled a mighty group of creators & industry figures, both from Ireland & across the world.  If you’re reading anything from the Dark Horse Mignolaverse books (Maura McHugh of Witchfinder) to Adventure Time (Kate Leth) to the most celebrated Image books (McKelvie & Gillen of Wicked+Divine), then there is likely at least one (more likely many) folk you’d want to get a something signed by, buy something from or even just shake hands with.

On top of this, the panels at DICE are some of the best I’ve ever attended (take a look if you don’t believe me), & I cannot recommend them highly enough.  Be your interest in just finding out more about your favourite titles/creators, or seeking hints & tips on your burgeoning art or writing efforts, then you really are spoilt, not only for choice but by the quality on display.

& that brings me nicely along to the whole “nervous” thing…

Last year at DICE I attended as one of those folks who, when asked about his own efforts in comic creating, would say “oh, yeah; I’m working on something…” & was entirely unable to back that up.  It was true & I was lucky enough that one of my collaborators at the time, Ruth Redmond, was kind enough to put me up, & introduce me to a number of wonderful folks in the Irish comic scene (& beyond), many of whom I am (again) lucky enough to keep in touch with now.

But that fact that I had nothing to back up my claims struck deep.  Many of the professionals I was fortunate enough to get advice from had one, crystal-clear message about what had put them on the path to where they were now; make comics.  They said this in private & in public, as shown in this excellent video of the ‘Breaking into Comics’ panel (& yes; that is me towards the end…), & the message was clear; if you wanted be involved in creating comics, don’t wait for permission, just go & do it.

That message struck me deep.

Deep enough that across the year since DICE 2013 I’ve taken that advice & run with it, resulting in rather that just attending as a fan this year (I’m still VERY much a massive fan, make no mistake) I am also exhibiting (you’ll find as RF Comics here), with the first three issues of Exit Generation available for folks to buy, with the fourth & final instalment landing very, very soon.

So… I’m nervous because despite this convention not even being in my home country, it kind of feels a little bit like a homecoming of sorts, & I just hope that folks attending like what I was inspired to do 12 months ago, & that perhaps my little story, along with the incredible event that DICE is can light a similar fire under someone else this time.

Well, that’s me done; gotta go finish packing!  Hope to see all of you at my table!  🙂