Launching in T-Minus 36 Hours! And… CHEAP COMICS

Hey everyone!

Wow; it has been a BUSY week.

Yes, Thought Bubble 2013 is less than 36 hours away, & everything is falling into place for the launch of ‘Exit Generation’.   

Today, the boxes of comics finally landed on my doorstep (printed by the brilliant Stuart Gould of UK Comics Creative)  & I’m not afraid to admit; I was a little overwhelmed. *sniff*

But as I put together my stuff to take to Leeds, & I wanted to make one last announcement …

See, a little while ago I heard a guy called Sam Humphries (writer of ‘Sacrifice’ & ‘Uncanny X-Force’)  talking about making indie comics.  He said the following;


This made a BIG impression on me, & working in a comic shop it also made a lot of sense;  No one gives gold stars for effort; they want value & some quality for their money.

I was reminded of this quote other day while reading a blog post by Nev Coleman.  He coined the term ‘The Netflix Test’, making the point that (for good or for ill) indie creators must recognise they compete with mainstream entertainment sources, when it comes to asking for people’s hard earned cash.  Got have a read, it’s really interesting.

So… in the spirit of ‘practising what you preach‘ for the Saturday & Sunday of Though Bubble ONLY

Exit Generation #1 will be just £2 a copy

Yep, that’s right FOR THOUGHT BUBBLE ONLY you can get hold of the first issue of the series for less than a cup of (decent) coffee!


I’ll be at Table 2, Royal Armouries Hall (see map below), alongside my pals John Lees, Harry FrenchColin Bell, who all have awesome books debuting, & John has put together a great run down of what will be available on his blog, which you can find HERE.


Make sure you come down & say hi!

You can still see the preview HERE, & below I’ve linked to the sites & podcasts who’ve been kind enough to talk about ‘Exit Generation’ over the last two weeks.

– Ceej at The Big Comic Page said “This is one that’s well worth getting your hands on” in his review.

– The Beat incluided Exit Generation on its list of recommended books at Thought Bubble.

– G-Man at Comic Anonymous called the first issue a “stellar opener” in his review.

– Multiversity both previewed the issue & reviewed the book, saying it had a “genuinely unique premise“.

– Geek Syndicate featured Exit Generation in its countdown to Thought Bubble.

– Andy over at Geek Pride put together an insightful preview piece.

– Rob at Inter-Comics blog said Exit Generation has “a lot of promise” & was kind enough to do a short interview with me.

– Mike from the brilliant ‘Give Me Comics or Give Me Death‘ pod reviewed the first issue on their latest show, mentioning he enjoyed it & will be picking up the next one!

Check ’em out!

Well, that’s me; back to getting ready for the con.

See you in Leeds!



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